Platinum Air Cargo aspires to be the leading global GSA/GSSA, setting standards for professionalism, exceptional service and quality within the air cargo industry. We understand that our people, and systems, must be constantly tuned to the client's needs and to management's constantly evolving concept of service excellence. Our business is international; we bring the talents of experienced industry professionals, of many cultures, together to deliver first class cargo solutions to our clients.


Sales & Marketing

Rate distribution and promotion of our client airline’s services through face-to-face and telephone sales to the local freight forwarding communities. Targeted sales activities using IATA CASS statistics and historical data mined from our bespoke cargo management software. Announcements and service updates using OAG’s Inforwarding cargo portal ( Client airline’s rates published on OAG’s e-Rate airfreight rates portal (AFRA – Email campaigns to the local freight forwarding community using specialised email marketing software that enables us to track the recipients interest.

Total Management

Services available up to a full ‘turnkey’ operation… Accounting Air Waybill Distribution & Stock Provision Bad Debt Liability IATA CASS Invoicing Import Supervision Marketing & Management Information Negotiation and/or implementation of Handling Agency agreements Negotiation and/or implementation of Interline agreements Operations Ramp Supervision Reservations Revenue Accounting / Reporting Sales & Publicity UK & European Trucking

Ramp Supervision

If required, Platinum’s Ramp Officers can be present to supervise every piece of freight that is loaded or unloaded from our client’s aircraft. The presence of our Ramp Officer is proven to… ensure that each flight is loaded to it’s maximum profitability by supervising the pallet build. provide “hands on” liaison with ground handling agents to establish a good working relationship and ensurea smooth operation. give customers peace of mind that their cargo is looked after at all times with our client airline.


Whether you are looking for a passenger or cargo charter, Platinum understands that you cannot take this decision lightly and will need expert advice you can rely on. Our experienced team will discuss YOUR specific needs with you and provide a range of aircraft options and point out the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Once you have made your decision we keep everything simple for you and set up the operation with the carrier and provide you with a detailed flight briefing designed to ensure that you are comfortable and have all the information you need. Our professional and determined focus on Customer Service including 24/7 contact details and our ongoing flight monitoring are designed to ensure you can relax and focus on your business and confidently leave the chartering side of things to us. Our experience and creative approach to finding solutions can often mean that chartering an aircraft is not the only solution for your needs. More cost effective alternatives that do not compromise the service levels and priorities you need can be found, so please call us to discuss your requirements at any time or email us at

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